Your DermaPro Peel questions answered!
Peels Questions & Answers

We are committed to elevating the standard of care and education in the industry and we believe that you deserve the facts about safely treating and maintaining your skin.  Efficacy, quality and value are the key to our success.

There are several different kinds of peels and methods to consider for resurfacing,  here are some common Q & A:

1. What are they?
Skin renewal peels treatments allow new skin cells to rise to the surface and restore youthful appearance.  If not properly cared for, dead skin cells will build up.  dermaPro Clinical Care peels remove damaged skin so it can breathe again. 

2.  What can they do?
Light peeling treatments are used to remove fine lines and rough skin.  It must be repeated several times.  If you are a busy person, you might consider this method of peeling and yes, makeup may be reapplied immedietely after.

Medium to deep peeling treatments or higher concentrations are used to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This removes surface wrinkles, sun damage skin and skin pigment problems. Acne scars and enlarged pores become less noticeable and acne breakouts are a thing of the past.

3.  When is the right time to start having chemical peels?
To determine if you should have a skin renewal peel treatment, you should meet with us and discuss your expectations.  We will design a programme for you with the appropriate type and timing for a peel to get your desired results.

4.  How often should you have them done to improve texture/tone of the skin?
The frequency of peels are determined by the clients response to the treatments and home care which is assessed at each visit.  Once a desired result is achieved the client is switched to a maintenance programme and return for subsequent treatments as needed.

5.  Are peels my best option?
Chemical peels are also not a facelift.  They improve skin appearance and remove outer skin deformities or inconsistencies – all without surgery or other invasive techniques.  And while they seem cutting edge to us, they were actually found to be used back in the times of Egypt by none other than Cleopatra herself.

dermaPro Clinical Care offer peels that are quick in-office procedures. Call  Safia now for your FREE skin consultation on 073 755 7228. You’re on your way to Astonishing Skin!

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