What do people say about dermaPro?
What people say about dermaPro Clinical Care?

Dear Safia

After many years of visiting beauty salons on a monthly basis and using expensive treatments for example Clarins, Lancome and Nimue, I was introduced to Safia and the dermaPro Clinical Care range.

This is truly the best thing that has happened to my skin. My skin has a glow and radiance that at the age of 45, I thought was impossible.

Lu, Pharmacist

To Safia

I trust you with my life and more importantly my FACE!!!  Thank for giving me back my youthful  appearance.

Aimee, Actress

Dear Safia

I was in yesterday for my free skin peel treatment. I can’t believe the effectiveness of the glycolic acid on my face, it’s wonderful!!! I’ve never seen such positive results so quick!!!  Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon. Take care.

Patti, Receptionist

dermaPro features in Century City's May 2010 online newsletter (Click here to view it).

Dear Safia

Going for my first treatment I was pleasantly surprised to meet this friendly, elegant and professional lady. The treatment is painless but I did experience a mild transient burning sensation after each treatment. My skin seems to be radiant, much softer, healthier and the wrinkles less noticeable.  Up to now I’ve had 6 treatments. The programme is very affordable. I am very pleased with the results. Family and friends have been complimenting me and I can’t believe the marked difference in my skin.

I can fully recommend the dermaPro Clinical Care treatment to anyone wanting to improve the condition and general appearance of their skin.

Sonya, Doctor's wife

Hi There! The peels were great!  My skin felt and looked smoother and healthy after every session.  Before I started the treatment I would never leave the house without make-up, now I feel more confident and are able to look people in the eye even without make-up on!

Rene, Outside sales Rep.

Featured in FEMINA magazine!!!  (Click here to read it).


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