dermaPro Treatments
Rejuvenating Treatments
(Light Peel)
Micro-Peel (30-50% glycolic acid) R165.00
Series of 6 (1 session free) R825.00
Peel  (70% glycolic acid) R195.00
Series of 4 (1 session free) R585.00
Corrective Treatments
(Med/Deep Peel)
Pre-Conditioning R330.00
10% TCA Peel R375.00
Series of 4 (save R200) R1300.00
15% TCA Peel R900.00
35% TCA Peel R1500.00

dP dermaPro Clinical Care
(Home Care Products)
Cleanse R125-150.00
Exfoliate R150.00
Stimulate R140-280.00
Stimulate / Correct R200.00
Correct R160.00
Balance R175.00
Protect R185-220.00
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